About & Let's Connect!

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I love what I do for work, but I also love life as a whole and recognize the need to keep balance. I am an emergency manager. I am always on call. The profession I serve is full of dedicated, heartwarming and compassionate individuals who recognize the time commitments and unscheduled needs. We all need to keep balance but we are all ready to respond, to serve.

I am also a humanitarian, both in person and virtually using technology to do more than what I can with just myself.

I focus on the integration of technology, open data in emergency management/public safety arena and global crisis and humanitarian aide. I always keep a focus to better prepare, plan, respond and recover from all types of disasters with any project I work on.

I also have other passions that are important to me.  First and foremost #myawesomewife (@ChildCancerMD.)  She is my partner in all things, even my day job. My love for food, either home cooked or from someone's kitchen. The love of cars, including the firetruck I had for almost 20 years. I love camping, road trips & being an uncle, yes that uncle... the cool one.

Have a question? Need some help? Want to discuss an idea? Let's connect and talk! I work on a variety of projects focusing on

-  Emergency management

-  UAS / Drone operations

-  Business continuity

-  Academic global health and safety

-  Technology innovation.  

Looking for an comprehensive emergency plan, need a new or updated risk analysis for an earthquake, or do you need help setting up a global health and safety program at your academic institution? Let's connect and discuss.  


Reach out and talk to me. I can be reached through multiple channels, including this form!

Twitter: @schuback

Email: contact@schuback.com

If you need to send me physical documents, please reach out to me with an email.

I work out of Seattle, Portland and on the road.